Hotel Manager Ballbuster Part 1

Hotel Manager Ballbuster Part 1

Star Nine is the manager of a hotel, and she has been receiving noise complaints. She loves this part of her job, especially when the hotel guest in trouble is a cute guy 4 her 2 toy with. He has no choice, she will throw him out on the street, or he can put up with her teasing n kicks & knees 2 his balls.

Star loves that Lance has no where 2 go, and she loves it even more that he is clearly turned on by her. She even makes him 2 suck on her toes n lick her feet, then leaves him with sore balls, threatening 2 come back later with some friends 2 help her break his balls.

Part 2

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Footworship, Tights, Tight Skirt, Teasing

420 mb
11 min

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