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House Guests Cleans His Own Mess

Foot Worship

Tom had a college buddy (Tiny) visiting for a couple days and one night after Tom and his wife (Jessica) had come back from dinner, Tom went to bed early while his wife stayed up to watch TV with their guest. Jessica was tired, but she likes to watch television until she falls asleep.

Jessica kisses Tom good night and sits down next to her husband’s college buddy (Tiny) and removes her nude pumps to get more comfortable. She puts her feet up on the couch right next to Tinys leg. He immediately is having a hard time focusing on what is on TV with her feet so close. It wasn’t too long before Jessica had fallen asleep and was unknowingly stretching out to get more comfortable with her bare feet up against Tinys legs. Tiny slide off the couch to give her more room but couldn’t resist her feet.

Tiny sat on the floor as close as he could to his friends wife’s feet. He didn’t want to get caught sniffing so he was trying to be a subtle as possible, but her feet are so perfect he couldn’t help himself. The more he smelled them, the more he couldn’t control himself. He started kissing them and then started licking them. The next thing you know he has pulled down his pants and he started jerking off. He is so turned on by his friends wife’s feet that he came all over her milky white soles. As soon as his filth hit her soles she woke up startled by the fact that she has this gooey mess all over her feet. Tiny panics and immediately pulls his pants up as if she might not notice. He offers to get a napkin and clean up the mess but she isn’t going to let him get away with this so easily. She requires him to clean up this mess with his tongue or she will tell her husband what he has done.

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