How To Be My Cuckold For Real (1080 HD)

How To Be My Cuckold For Real (1080 HD)

So We ALL hear from “slave wannabes” all the time, BEGGING to “serve” us and become our slave. And guess what, it IS possible! but NOT if all u do is send EMPTY emails full of WORDS – and nothing else. How are WORDS going to benefit ME as your princess? Does that PROVE anything to me?? Um, NO. What DOES get my attention?? GIFTS. I have a wishlist, SLAVE – so go find it n SEND me something. THEN contact me! And guess what? I might actually take your begging, pathetic plea 4 servitude seriously. Amd this video is a good example of a REAL slave that did JUST THAT. I open my gifts from him, read the notes he sent in the clip, and then I give out my email/wishlist info to the REST of u losers that are smart enough to actually follow his example of what a REAL slave should do! And guess what? I actually MET this slave IN PERSON just prior 2 shooting this clip! (He didn’t want to be filmed.) He was local to me here in S. Cal and was willing to serve me N my BF FINANCIALLY, and he brought me $200 CASH just to grovel at my feet in person and BEG to serve me and my man! (I show off the cash in the clip too lol.) Now, to all u other “slave” WANNABES- THAT is how it’s done! I will be fucking USING this motherfucker in REAL LIFE from now on. Are u jealous?? Awww… haha. then download this clip if u want 2 learn how to REALLY serve ME 4 REAL!

Princess Carmela

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom POV, Princess Carmela, Carmela, POV, Findom, Cuckolding, Financial Domination, Cuckold, Humiliation, Brat Girls

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