I Take Your Cash Because U Need Me To

I Take Your Cash Because U Need Me To

U cant get enough of my sexy, perfect body. When I tease u with it, u just feel this compulsion 2 buy me things. Its almost a natural feeling 4 u. My body is so perfect u cant help but give me your money. Your money is the only thing u are good 4, and u know it. So u spend 2 prove your worth, you spend because it makes your cock rock hard. Its almost you like u enjoy blowing your cash more than I enjoy taking it from you. I do this 4 u. I take it from you because u need me 2. U should really be thanking me.

And I dont need your money, I just want it because its so easy to take it from u. You practically beg me. In fact, I rarely take money from losers unless they beg me. All I have 2 do is let u indulge in my perfect body n u just want 2 give me your money. U know youre inadequate in every way n this is the only way u can make up 4 it. U cant change what a fucked up loser u`re, but u can change the size of your bank account. U can watch it decrease as the size of your hard on increases.

My body is making u broke. You keep paying n paying and soon you wont be able 2 give me the amounts that I deserve. And thats when I stop paying attention to u, isnt it loser? So u are going 2 do whatever you have to, to pay me because u need to see my perfect body. I love toying with stupid fucking up pay pigs like u. U are so lucky I even let u worship me, arent u?

I dont have to make these clips 4 a loser like u to look at me. But yet I do, to fuck with your head n keep you spending beyond your means. Isnt that nice of me? I mean u dont want me 2 stop, do you? I know you want to give me all of your money. Dont be scared that your bank account isnt big enough, just keep paying loser, pay until it hurts. U need 2 pay my body, I mean just look at it. Stare at it, I know it makes u want 2 pay. Youre so lucky to be allowed 2 give me your money, arent u piggy?

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