I Wonder If It Hurts (1080 HD)

I Wonder If It Hurts (1080 HD)

Me n Adrianna are literally just standing on this stupid slave in our stilettos while we have a conversation. Pretty simple. We don’t even acknowledge him for most of the time. Eventually we acknowledge him though cuz he is making like SO much noise underneath us! Ugh. Looking back, we wonder how much this hurts? Unfortunately for the slave, we don’t really care LOL. Slaves are like nothing more than rugs under our feet to us – and we do NOT care about them… even if we are wearing like the most WICKED stilettos! LOLOh and I`m wearing my 1000 Dollars Louboutins that are worth more than this stupid slave’s life. And u know what is really pathetic? Even as I`m like literally leaning back with all my weight onto the needle-thin heels of my Louboutins n mocking this slave for not being worth as much as my shoes – it is like literally oozing pre-cum out of its little slave peeepeee! Ewww! Gross!! Like what is wrong with these things?? LOL

Princess Kendall

***Includes bonus footage at the end of me standing on the stupid slave’s FACE my HEELS. LOL.

Keywords: Female Domination, Human Furniture, Femdom, Adrianna, Ignoring, Facestanding, Trampling, Fetish, High Heels, Ignore, Foot Fetish, Princess Adrianna, Princess Kendall, Kendall

1296 mb
14 min

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