Introducing Mistress Cloe

Introducing Mistress Cloe

#1 CLIP in category WHIPPING!

This clip introduces Mistress Cloe, a sadistic and dangerous woman who is feared by so many slaves because she changes her mood within a second. “What do u think we will do now?”, Cleo asks her slave who is caged to a wooden rack. He answers that he expects very painful things now. With a smile Mistress Cloe answers: “Oh darling, you know I take so much care of you.” Then her voice becomes very dangerous: “Or would you say anything else?” She did not expect an answer and the slave already knows that his answer doesn’t change anything. “Out now and on your knees!”, Cloe commands and pulls her belt out of her joghpurs. She starts whipping his ass with the leather belt until is has a nice red color. He think it’s over now but the sadistic lady just says: “Good 2 see that your ass is ready now!” Then she announces 20 hard strokes, then another 20… and while she does that punishment she explains him that he should be much more thankful for what she does to him…

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Sado-Ladies, Mistress, Cloe, Mistress Cloe, Whipping, Boots, Jodhpurs, BDSM

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5 min

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