Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas – Jasmine’s scrambled eggs HD

Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas - Jasmine's scrambled eggs HD

You enter wearing elegant dresses and black flat shoes (ballerinas) one black slave is waiting for you completely naked He help you to measure your feet with a ruler You take off your shoes n put your left foot agains’t the wall on the ruler(put foot on the ruler) camera film on the centimiters(not inches)and millimiters(for example 27,8 cm ,i mean take the exact measurament including millimiters!!!!! I i think the lenght is about 27 centimiters) Now you do the same with your right foot (always exact measurament), then you do the same with left big toe n then with right big toe, finally measure the withNow we have the confirmation you have really long feet n very long toes!!!! Longer than many men!!!!! THis Slave love long soles, so u sit putting your baresoles on a high table or a desk and showing your soles to the camera (keep expanses your soles for more than 30 sec every time you move them so they look longer than they are,they must look a size 15!!!!) the slave masturbating and in the same moment they cum on your expanses soles and between your long big toes(keep soles expanses when they are cumming!!!) With one slaves cumming on your soles your feet are completely dirty of cream!!!! You continue to show expanses and very dirty soles to the camera speaking about your big feet size 11,5, about the fact that often your feet are longer than many men and so on!!! Clip end with the slave putting his balls and cock on a table n you rise above the table trampling his cocks and two balls preparing famous Jasmine s scrambled eggs Camera shows the balls flats under your long soles n toes!!

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