Jennifer’s Topless Massage

Jennifer’s Topless Massage

Jennifer is a grade 12 student, who just turned 18….so She decided to take a part time job after school at the Jerky Girls Massage parlor. Jennifer is enjoying the job….but since She joined the team at the Jerky Girls Massage Parlor….a new rule has had to be implemented. Jennifer’s Tits are perhaps the BEST in the entire World…and as a result…men always try to grab them when Jennifer takes Her shirt off!!! So…the rule now is….customers must have their hands tied down behind them, prior to Jennifer removing Her top!! Jennifer informs this guy of the new policy, and ties his arms behind his head….and then removes Her shirt 2 reveal Her Unbelievable young Tits!! As Jennifer proceeds with the Topless Milking….the guy, of course, goes on and on about how Spectacular Her Tits are….so She has to smother his mouth as She Milks him out. After She Milks him…Jennifer asks if he will make a donation to Her charity….HGWS…..Highschool Girls Without Shirts.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Jennifer, Handjob, Oil, Male Orgasm, Ejaculation, Forced Orgasm, Sperm, Milking

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