Karate Princess 2 (720 HD)

Karate Princess 2 (720 HD)

So I have this slave worshipper that has been requesting these karate clips – and I actually SHOOT them for him because he pays what I demand of him! (Take a note, all you slaves that say do this! just cuz i wanna see it! and then I ignore your request LOL.) Anyway, I print out all these karate pictures he sent to me n talk about how I would do them to you. And how much I would LOVE to hurt u like the picture shows. (And I really WOULD btw lol.)

Then for each one I also call in the house slave to demo the moves on him in like slo-mo. (Hey, this was the custom viewers request!) So just FYI 2 all of u – these moves are all done in like slo-mo like when you were play fighting with your brother when you were a kid. Or as if it were a real self-defense video. So its not like a full-force beatdown or anything. Just warning you!

But I DO talk about the beatdown in this clip – a lot. And about how much fun it would be for me to kick your ass LOL. There is even a special one that is brutally graphic that I talk about – but its not shown in the preview pictures. And just for the record, if any of you want to come here and pay me a lot of $$$ to kick your ass for real, I will be happy to! LOL

*(Not all the pics are shown in the preview image! There were like 7 or 8 of these different “attack moves” that I demonstrated.)

Princess Beverly

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