Kates Palace – Domina Kate – Situation No Longer Vacant – Two-hole Mare 1

Kates Palace – Domina Kate – Situation No Longer Vacant – Two-hole Mare 1

The hot bitch Nina has applied to DOMINA KATE for the coveted post of palace whore. As part of her recruitment test, the handsome filly does an eager striptease for THE DISCERNING JUDGE OF WHORESFLESH and gets her 1st inkling of the demands of her new calling. The applicant clearly has a set of high-class goods. Far as LADY KATE can see, there’s only one problem. How can u be a two-hole mare if you don’t have a gaping pink pussy for SWEET KATIE to fuck and suck to HER DECADENT HEART’S CONTENT? Probing around “down under” though, THE INQUISITIVE DOMINA soon discovers that the abuse-loving bitch really does have a cunt. Naturally THE EAGER DOMINATRIX decides to stretch it to a more usable size. Wouldn’t you? Nina must serve DOMINA KATE’S every whim with no holes barred, so her devotion is quickly put 2 the test. After tightly binding Nina’s lips of shame, THE SKILLFUL CUNT-MAKER is soon beside HERSELF with sadistic pleasure as SHE stretches the slut’s urethra until SHE can even shove HER FINGER up the dilated tube while vigorously fisting the bitch with HER OTHER HAND. What a perverted spectacle!

Part 2

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Kates-Palace, Domina Kate, Kate, CBT, Urethral Sounds, Clinic, Medical Fetish, Nurse Play, Latex, Rubber, Sounding, Anal, Anus, Ass

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