Kates-Palace – Paquet francaise – Part 5

Kates-Palace - Paquet francaise - Part 5

DOMINA KATE looks absolutely breathtaking in HER red latex dress, but tonight SHE’S got Scarlet competition. Breathtaking is the only word to describe the hot piece of blue-haired, indigo-lipped femme flesh THE LADY OF THE PALACE has in HER keeping. Tonight the hooker with the heart of mush will bind herself to THE SUBLIME DOMINATRIX with a slave contract for all eternity. Totally enthralled by her EROTIC PIMP n POSSESSOR, the helpless whore throws caution to the wind n signs the diabolical contract with her own blood. No way out now! That might give some people pause, but not this bewitched trollop. Celebrating her catch with a glass of champagne, the DEMONATRIX feels truly magnanimous and even offers Scarlet a swig of HER own matchless vintage, DOM. KATE 2011, compliments of the PALACE. To make this joyous day even more perfect, the SEXY SOUL POSSESSOR softens up the slave slut’s ass flesh with a round of love pats from HER customized leather paddle and then really gets the air to whistling with HER adorable, swishy cane. Ass-tenderizing is soooo much more enjoyable when you own the meat you beat.

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