Katja Teases and Knees After Dance Class

Katja Teases and Knees After Dance Class

Katja, another evil ballerina from Michelle’s dance class, is using Michelle’s apartment 2 change, with the assumption that she will “take care” of her slave while she’s there. Katja’s goth looks are quite sexy in a leotard n pink pantyhose. Katja does a little stretching over the slave while he’s tied 2 the couch, getting him excited. She is curious about his upcoming Emasculation and asks him how he feels about it. “Are u still going 2 be turned on by things like this…” while she straddles him n rubs her legs an his sides, and lowering her boobs in his face… She slaps him in the balls and asks him what he thinks about Michelle’s plan to whore his ass out after they take his balls. “Are u still going to be interested in Pussy?” She asks while straddling his chest n putting her crotch closer to his face “because u won’t be able to fuck it anymore…” She lets the slave know that Michelle has asked her 4 a favor, 2 deliver 5 hard knees 2 his balls. Katja has no problem obliging, but she keeps losing count n getting distracted, starting over again. After some knees Katja tells him that she wants 2 squeeze his balls as hard as she can while she straddling him. She looks down on him while she clamps down hard and watches him suffer. When she’s done she leaves him 2 go change clothes saying “Don’t go anywhere… I hope your balls don’t fall off…”

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