Kelly busts him for coming up an inch short

Kelly busts him for coming up an inch short

Kelly is in a sexy lace pink teddy n pink thigh highs. This is probably the hottest I’ve ever seen her. It has occurred 2 her that she’s never actually measured her slaves dick. She says “I need at least 7 inches” and she makes him an ultimatum. If he measures up to 7 inches, she’ll give him a blow job. If not, he’s going 2 be in a lot of pain

Kelly pulls out a tape measure, which she whacks him in the cock n balls with a few times, and then measures his soft dick, which isn’t even close 2 7. She says she’ll give him one more chance, if he can get hard n be 7 inches that way then she’ll still give him a blow job. She won’t let him touch himself though, he has to get hard from her teasing (which is cruelly laced with whacks to the balls….) When he doesn’t measure up, she says he’s going to have 2 withstand a 15 second ball squeeze….

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