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Last Will and Testament Of A SLAVE

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This is a COMPLETELY REAL event that was simply filmed for documentation purposes. I have owned this slave for awhile now and it is COMPLETELY obsessed with My FEET. Like, it is My live-in slave and it literally serves Me 24/7 and gives Me all of it’s money. I barely leave it with enough to live on. So I decided to make it official and make SURE that I get EVERYTHING when it finally croaks. (Which it WILL- I even talk in the clip about how I will make SURE of that by working it to daeth and feeding it garbage! LOL!) And Cadence is amazed that even though I am flat-out SAYING that I am going to work it to daeth RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT- it is STILL signing the paperwork for it’s last will & testament! LOL! When he hesitates for a second, I EVEN PUT MY STOCKINGED FOOT ON TOP OF ITS HEAD AND SHOVE ITS FACE DOWN TO THE PAPER AND MAKE IT SIGN IT! I even talk casually to Cadence about the different options of what I might do with my slave when it dyes…like having it stuffed and made into a PERMANENT human coffee table for Me and My guests when they come over…or have him skinned and made into a killer pair of boots! LOL! And this idiot just kneels at My feet, staring at them, obsessed…this freak actually would probably LIKE to be made into a pair of boots for Me! HAHAHAHA!!!! I just would like it cuz no other girls would have boots like MINE when I show up to the party! HAHAHA!!! By the way, this is TOTALLY real! It is a totally legit printout of this loser’s will and he really IS signing it in this video!! I even have Cadence sign it as a witness! So I get EVERYTHING when it dies! Oh, and I let it kiss My feet after it literally signs its life away for them…LOL! What a fucking pathetic fuck. I can’t wait…I look SO hot in black! 🙂 And slaves are easily replaceable for someone as HOTTT as ME. 🙂 GR

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