Let Them Eat Dirt

Let Them Eat Dirt

We`re relaxing in the backyard of Mean Girl Manor when the slaves that are serving Us start complaining about some BS that they haven’t eaten in “a few days”. LOL. They aren’t sure because we have just been working them to defth n they lose track of the days…haha. So we decide 2 teach them a lesson about begging for food around here- n that slaves get fed WHENEVER WE FEEL LIKE IT. If that is a week or two between feedings, then so be it! They are slaves n they will eat WHATEVER we want, WHENEVER we want!

So we march them over 2 a dirt patch n tell them that if they want to eat- they can eat DIRT. Because that is all they are WORTHY of- and they better be GRATEFUL even for that! We make sure 2 put our feet on the back of their heads n really drive the point home by shoving their ugly faces down into the dirt where they belong…

It is SO much fun abusing slaves and putting them in their place! :)

-FEATURING: Empress Jennifer, Princess Cindi

Keywords: Princess Cindi, Footworship, Shoeworship

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