Macys Cuck Boyfriend Part 1

Macys Cuck Boyfriend Part 1

Lance is sitting at home playing video games when his girlfriend, Macy Cartel, walks by him, dressed 2, asking him where her keys are… “Where are we going?” he asks… “WE aren’t going anywhere… I`m going out 2 get layed…”

Lance can’t believe what he is hearing, so Macy explains 2 him that she loves him very much, but his dick just isn’t big enough 4 her. She isn’t pleased sexually, and she can’t take it anymore. She will still be his girlfriend, but she will be going out every night 2 get fucked.

As Lance protests, Macy lets him know she’s serious n knees him in the balls. As he continues 2 protest, continues 2 kick n step on his balls, teasing him 4 not being able 2 please her, until he finally submits n she leaves him on the ground.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Cuckold, Pantyhose, High Heels, Teasing

263 mb
7 min

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