MADAME CATARINA – CRUELEST BEAUTY – Jailhouse: Matriarchy Prison-Special Guest Mistress Rouge – ENTIRE MOVIE (HD mp4)

MADAME CATARINA - CRUELEST BEAUTY - Jailhouse: Matriarchy Prison-Special Guest Mistress Rouge - ENTIRE MOVIE (HD mp4)


Story: In a world ruled by a matriarchy Madame Catarina has taken control of an old jailhouse in order to break and train more male slaves. A new batch of prisoners has arrived tor receive punishment for their crimes of disrespect and being extremely horny, so Madame Catarina has invited her good friend Mistress Roug’e to help. The prisoners are unloaded from the prison van and led to the cells before being processed individually by the Ladies. The punishments vary from severe and caning and corporal punishment to forced wanking, cum eating n humiliation…but whatever the punishment Madame Catarina and Mistress Roug’e enjoy themselves torturing the male prisoners.

ENTIRE MOVIE: Dressed in stunning boots and leather Madame Catarina n Mistress Rouge escort their chain gang of prisoners from the prison van, through the prison n to their cells. Once the prisoners are locked securely away the Ladies decide to have some fun. One prisoner is dragged out of his cell and forced to prepare a makeshift whipping bench and fetch an assortment of cruel whips and canes before being locked back in his cell. The second prisoner does not get off so lightly as he is placed on the makeshift whipping bench and the Ladies take it in turns to warm his butt, 1st with a flogger, then a paddle and only then can the caning begin. But, one slave between two Mistresses is not enough and a slave is removed from a cell. The Mistresses take great delight in torturing their prisoners taking it in turns to severely cane the red raw butt of one slave whilst humiliating the other. Eventually the two Ladies reduce the caning slave’s ass to a lump of bloodied meat fit only for the butchers block and he is returned to his cell to wait further punishment. The Ladies then turn their attention to the other slave who is forced to wank on the floor and lick up his cum before he is returned to his cell.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, MC, Madame Catarina, Jailhouse, Matriarchy, Mistress Rouge, Rouge, Mistress, Male Milking, Sperm, Milking, Caning, Canes, Cane, Canning, Double Dom, Dual Domination, Double Domination, Corporal Punishment, Ruined Orgasms, Matriarchy Prison, Female Supremacy, Humiliation

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