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Madame Catarina - Cruelest Beauty - Safari Caning - Stable Boy Boot Service - Chapter One-Three

Madame Catarina - Cruelest Beauty - Safari Caning - Stable Boy Boot Service - Chapter One-Three

Story: Madame Catarina looking stunning in vintage jodhpurs, pith helmet and riding boots returns to her Italian villa after a riding expedition with her stable boy. The Berlin Mistress has a slave prepared for a heavy caning session but decides she will amuse herself first with her stable boy slave.

Chapter ONE: Madame Catarina has decided that for her amusement today will be the day her stupid stable boy slave will receive his monthly release from chastity. She taunts her desperate slave with the key to the chastity device before allowing him to remove it. He is then permitted to lick his Mistresses boots clean as she punishes his lazy butt with her riding stick. There is a brief pause whilst Madame Catarina inspects the branding on his butt before the bootlicking and beating resumes. After a brief cock inspection Madame Catarina teases her slave’s cock with her spurs and cock beating before instructing him to cum on her boots. The stable boy wanks onto his Mistresses riding boots and greedily licks his cum from the boots and the floor. Once both boots and floor are clean the stable boy is allowed to help his Mistress prepare for the next slave…

Chapter TWO: Madame Catarina now wearing beautiful brown high heeled boots and spurs walks into her winter garden with her stable boy crawling behind her. It is now time for her next slave to be tested with her canes. The stable boy leads the new slave with collar and leash and delivers him to his Mistress before being dismissed. Madame Catarina inspects her slave and tells him he will be tested to the limit with her canes before placing him over an old travel trunk. After some hard butt slapping with her gloved hands the caning can begin. The slave is treated to a relentless caning with a dragon cane and very soon his butt is a mass of red marks. The caning is merciless and Madame Catarina only stops to admire her handiwork before continuing the brutal caning…

Chapter Three: Madame Catarina continues with the relentless and merciless caning, laughing as her slave yelps in pain. She pauses only to inspect her handiwork as the slave’s once white butt is transformed into a mass of red. The punishment id brutal but measured with every stroke expertly delivered to to inflict maximum damage and pain. Again and again the dragon cane rains down on the slave’s naked butt…

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