Magyar Mistress Mira – Blackmailed Financial Slave: The 1st Anoxia Experience!

Magyar Mistress Mira - Blackmailed Financial Slave: The 1st Anoxia Experience!

I am a natural born dominatrix and the might makes me really horny. I am the most notorious Mistress in Hungary, because sometimes I don’t know the boundaries of cruelty.

I`ve a really rich financial slave few years ago. He buy me everything what I want, and he pays me every month high taxes that I really could live comfortably. He is a very good money pig but he never tried real femdom practices because he is very weak and fucking coward. He enjoys when he pays me but he is afraid of suffering.

Today I am psycho a little bit again and I have a evil plan. I call my money pig and command him to buy me a new beauty latex clothes. When he brings the clothes to me, then I blackmailed him that I`ll only accept this gift from him if I can torture him for the 1st time in his life. I see it that he is in a panic because he can’t bear the pain, and he dreads any physical punishment, but he is a born money pig n the findom is the most important thing in his pathetic life so he accepts my rules! Now I`ve absolute power over him and I guarantee that this`ll be the most memorable night of his life!

I know a lot of really dangerous martial arts technique and I do a bizarre anoxia torture on my slave. I strangle him by many risky martial arts choke until he becomes totally ill! Sometimes his face is red like a tomato and sometimes that is snow-white. What a funny and pathetic sight, I laugh at him a lot while he suffers like hell!

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