Magyar Mistress Mira – The Punisher: You no longer need your balls, believe me

Magyar Mistress Mira - The Punisher: You no longer need your balls, believe me

I am the Punisher or other name ‘THE GIRL’. No one knows my real name, where I come from and where I live. No one knows my real face. I`m a ghost. I`m a mercenary. I approach the targets n punish them hard, as the client’s requests. Sometimes my client ask for a video about the punishment.

Yesterday I was given a new assignment. A woman wants to punish her ex-husband. She wants brutal n degrading punishment for him. She asks a video also, because she wants to upload it to the Internet. She told me what terrible things he did to her and how he cheated her n mistreated her. Cruel punishment for him, that’s my speciality! I break into the target’s apartment through the balcony and I place a camera on a shelf as bait. Now I just have to wait for this asshole. He soon arrives and finds the camera and looks very surprised. I quietly sneak behind him and attack, sending him unconscious on the floor. Let the fun begin!

You no longer need your balls, believe me! (blindfold torture!)

I kick n slap his balls while he is blindfolded! He doesn’t know when and where I am going to punch or kick!! Every part of him is trembling in fear! This dickhead cheated on his wife for years, I think from now on he will only be able to pussy licking!

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