Make Him Cry


“U mice out there, learn this: I seek a man’s breaking point—then go past it. I’m hitting so fiercely my new slave thinks I’m swinging as hard as I can, but I’m just getting started. I hit with regularity on the same spot, piling up pain, and he groans with each solid whack. I walk around and backhand the other cheek, then step in front and raise my spike-heeled, leather-clad foot to his blindfolded face. Gratefully, he licks it.

“Am I your Mistress?” I demand. “U’re going to take more from your Mistress?”, No mortal man can refuse me. Returning to his butt, I tattoo with rapid-fire smacks, increasing the impact with each blow. His moans give way to the frantic shrieks of a man driven beyond his limit. I have succeeded.

Asian Femdom Goddess Mena Li

293 mb
8 min


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