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Make It BARK!


Princess TIffani and Miss Veronica are continuing to have fun with My slaves during their stay at the Mean Girl House. They seem to REALLY be enjoying the power they have over these grown “men” and the ability they have to make them do ANYTHING they say. In this one they have a slave in doggcage with a remote-controlled electric shock device attached to its balls. (Apparently it was their favorite toy that I left behind for them to use on My slaves? LOL) 🙂 The girls pass the remote back & forth and take turns shocking the slave’s balls, making it jump up in its cage and yelp in pain each time- which they think is HILARIOUS. Pretty soon they are having fun making it bark like a dogg- just because they can And the poor thing is just hoping that if it does everything these girls say – including becoming their human dogg – that the shocks to its balls will cease. HAHAHA…very entertaining! And of course, the girls are just casually sipping champagne while the slave trembles in fear of them in its cage…but they DO share some with it- by pouring it on its HEAD! LOL! –
Queen Kasey

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The Miami Mean Girls
08 Aug 2013

We appreciate that you like Our videos so much that you included it in your blog. However, this is all pirated content. You are welcome to keep it up, but please change your link for Our videos from filepost to Our website, where the material was originally created and posted. Does this sound fair? And if you truly are a fan of femdom, you will not have a problem with this. Because if sites like yours continue, We will just have to stop producing videos. 🙁 So please change all your Miami Mean Girls video links to point to http://www.MiamiMeanGirls.com, ok?

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Because We will need to contact filepost to take down your files anyway. Since they are copyrighted to Us. Let Us know if you would like to work with Us and support Us, rather than against Us.

    08 Aug 2013

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14 Mar 2015

Please reupload this file:)Possible?

    16 Mar 2015

    Sorry, bur I have not it now(((

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