Make Princess Cum – Princess Ryelee-Rae

Make Princess Cum - Princess Ryelee-Rae

Princess Ryelee-Rae is laying on the couch in need of sexual pleasure. She says “My slave doesn’t get to fuck me but that doesn’t mean he can’t help me pleasure myself.” She orders him to suck her young schoolgirl tits while she touches her pussy. She tells him that she is thinking about her boyfriend n his big cock, humiliating him further by adding, “Not like your tiny little cock”. After some hot sexual moaning she says “slaves don’t get to fuck women especially me.” Feeling very aroused Ryelee-Rae does call him a good boy but then just as quickly puts him in his place calling him a dog and telling him to sniff her armpits, while she continues to pleasure herself. She then has him back sucking her nipple, rubbing herself the entire time. “I love when my boyfriend comes inside my pussy and then this pathetic slave has to lick it out., She says, looking right at you, because she knows you are jealous of her slave. She even comments, “Every girl should have a slave or two.”, so she might even have you in mind.Now near the point of climax She pulls out her high power vibrator, telling the slave to hold it. He sucks her nipples n holds the head of the vibrator against her pussy, showing rare talent, doing it just right so she can close her eyes and think only of her stud. Soon it ends with lots of moans n body shutters from Princess. She is sexually satisfied n with a wave of a hand dismisses her stupid slave.

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