Mars attack


Teodora and Deborah in the role of spacewomen who dominate over the men from Earth. Dressed in shiny silver and gold, they test the human body. The guy is abducted by beautiful aliens and he is the guinea pig under their feet.

11 parts of Hot Femdom video set.

Part 1: A men from the Earth is humiliated and he worship their shoes.
Part 2: The aliens test the human skin and trample him with their high heels.
Part 3: Over 100 kilos on the human. They trample him together, barefoot.
Part 4: He worships their feet, they try to put the whole foot in his mouth.
Part 5: Sexy aliens faceslapping.
Part 6: They ride him around the room.
Part 7: Butt drops on his weak stomach.
Part 8: Scissors between aliens’ legs and their shiny skin.
Part 9: Classic stomach trampling, in turn.
Part 10: Double stomach sitting with full weight.
Part 11: They will proof that human skin is tiny and resistless on their claws.

2.5 Gb
66 min

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