Meana Wolf – The Ransom – Ruined Orgasms

Meana Wolf - The Ransom - Ruined Orgasms

I’ve been watching him for a couple of weeks now. I’ve become completely accustomed to his daily routines. I know when he goes to work…when he comes home… I know when his wife comes and goes as well. I know other things about him too. Like the fact that he’s filthy rich. I mean why else would I choose this guy as my mark?

Breaking into his house was easy. He’d just gotten out of the shower when I made my move. Standing there naked, I struck him on the back of the head. I picked him up and fastened him to a chair. When he finally came to, I let him know my demands. $10Million Dollars to be delivered by his wife…or I’d end his life. She was hysterical on the phone. “Let me speak to my husband!” She kept screaming. hahaha No police…no fucking around…and don’t be late. Those were the rules.

Even though he was afraid for his life I could see his eyes wandering all over me. Men are so weak. I saw his cock getting hard as I held my hands tightly over his mouth. I love these moments. It’s the fear. Nothing makes my pussy wet more than the fear in their eyes. I reached down and started to stroke his cock. There’s nothing more powerful than this. My hands gripped tightly around his cock…and tightly around his mouth. Will his wife bring me what I want before the clock strikes midnight? xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: I silence him to keep him from screaming. I phone his wife, and make my demands while he “mmphs” pathetically. I stroke his cock hard while I gag him with my hand. He worships my hands while I jerk his cock. But his wife never comes with the money.

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