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Men Are Slaves - My Little Plaything, Part 1 - Sorceress Bebe - Humiliation

Men Are Slaves - My Little Plaything, Part 1 - Sorceress Bebe - Humiliation

When Bebe goes out with a guy that is so crass and thinks he can just have his way with her things don’t end well. Maybe he shouldn’t of been so cocky and just talk about his dick so much. So Bebe took measures into her own hands and slipped something into his drink. Now this pathetic male is back at her place, naked and shacked with his cock and balls tied up.

Since he talked about his cock so much, she has prepared her strapon for him to suck. Jokes on this fucker. Now she is going to show him what a bitch he really is and that he will never speak to a woman like that again. Balls will be tormented and face will be fucked. And, if he gets out of line, lots of face slapping to remind him of his place.

Part 2

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09 Aug 2020

Thanks for it! :
ClubStiletto – 6 Months Between Orgasms – Urethral Sounds
I hope you’ve got my message.

    09 Aug 2020

    Yes, thanks a lot. After a while I will add to POV =)

09 Aug 2020

Hey Garry,
I saw on the right side of site that you answered me back. Unfortunately I don’t see any of your replies. I don’t use adblocker or something.
I don’t know what is going on. And I’m sorry for spamming

    10 Aug 2020

    Hello Emilek.
    Don’t you see the message? Are you logging in from your phone or from your PC?

11 Aug 2020

Now I do see. I changed browser from Edge to Chrome, and it’s fine!

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