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Men Are Slaves - Whipping - “Do You Fear Me?” and “Please More Pain Madame Rose

Men Are Slaves - Whipping - “Do You Fear Me?” and “Please More Pain Madame Rose

Do You Fear Me” Actors: Charles and Madame Xavialune Fear is definitely something Madame Xavialune employs as a tool. A male that fears her is more easily enslaved and thus willing to endure more humiliation and suffering for her amusement. As a female supremacist, this is important to her, like with this slave who has been mentally broken down and is afraid to displease her. Hence why he so willingly offers her his mouth to use as her personal ashtray. Fear and the whip tend to go hand in hand, which is why her owned males can expect to be whipped regularly. Up against the wall with this one so he can’t see it coming, and out comes the harsh purple whip for maximum suffering. Madame Xavialune loves the whip because it’s the perfect female supremacy tool to keep male behavior in check, and it’s time for this male’s daily lesson in submission. “Please More Pain Madame Rose” Actors: Audrey Rose, Jorge Palomares Madame Rose is very much into male ownership. But while she may own many men as personal toys, it’s not always about just pain and humiliation. Sure sometimes she will hurt and humiliate them, but occasionally she will let them kiss and sniff her panties. That way these men can learn to associate pain and humiliation with pleasure, which over time just makes them more enslaved to her.

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