Men Must Learn

Men Must Learn

A friend of mine gets used n dumped by a womanizer and I believe he needs 2 be taught a lesson. I abduct and strip him nude, then cage him as I wait 4 him to wake up and realize where he is. I explain his transgressions as I strike him repeatedly with electricity before dragging him out for his 1st lesson: breathing. He alleged that my friend was a “slut” because she was a smoker, so she had it coming to her. I give him a taste of this medicine with a full pack of cigarettes and a full rubber hood. I begin by blowing smoke into his face, tormenting his cock n nipples with the embers, and controlling his breath. I place a small tube into his mouth n force him 2 smoke as well as inhale my exhales, even using a clamp over his nose. I use my leather gloved hands to control his nose n mouth, deciding when n where he will be allowed to breathe. He struggles, pants, moans, and gasps.. but I`m relentless. This is a very intense breath play, smoking fetish clip with me in full leather.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Smoking, Fetish, Real Female Domination, Gloves, Cage, Cigarette, Humiliation, Leather Fetish, Hand Over Mouth, Breath Play, Breath Control, Hoods

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