Mercedes Ashley from Queen of the Smothered

Mercedes Ashley from Queen of the Smothered

If you haven’t met her yet, take a gander at the hottest new Fem Dom in the adult biz today: Mercedes Ashley, who boasts an ultra-curvy body and a confident, Domineering attitude. Here, she has trapped that perpetual victim peter in the smother throne. A thick metal bar keeps is neck in place, positioning his nose straight up for the ultimate in facesitting torment. Check out the lovely, sheer lingerie Mercedes wears! Of course, as the video progresses, she strips away those wispy bits of material, revealing herself in her full mocha-hued glory. Pete’s nose just disappears between those perfectly round ass cheeks. Not only that: She climbs aboard the throne n shoves her stocking-clad foot onto his nose, and into his mouth. MMM! The twat smotheration is wet and sensual. She tenderizes his face by slapping it, and then wraps her mammoth mams over his noggin, robbing hi of any chance at air. She lap dances him, then grinds her knee into his crotch as she pinches his nose and mouth shut. Bringing him nearly to death brings her nearly to orgasm! Holding her snatch inches away from his mouth, she orders him to stretch his tongue out ALL the way across that chasm to lick her clean. “LICK ME, FUCKER!” So close, yet so far away! She uses her massively-soled shoes to smash his testes as flat as notebook paper, then steps on his head n makes him to use his tongue to clean her shoes. “Lick me now!” she purrs while crushing his head between her thighs. After switching positions, she tantalizes him with more just-out-of-reach twattage while slapping his face. There’s make stocking-clad foot worship, rough anal/oral exploration (“Come on fucker, lick it!”), and more.

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