Mercilessdominas: High Heels Destruction Of Bitrack

Mercilessdominas: High Heels Destruction Of Bitrack

This clip is not for the faint-hearted! It all starts well for Bitrack when Lady G enters the room, to give him a hard n merciless high-heels trampling, just as he always loved to receive it. While Lady G put all her effort, trampling skills n weight into making Bitrack truly suffer, it simply seems to be too easy for him. After ten minutes of hard trampling from Lady G, then Mistress Pandora steps in. If Bitrack had thought this would also be “easy” for him, he would quickly realize that he had been terribly wrong. Mistress Pandora goes hard at him from the very 1st minute – no “soft” high-heels trampling, but rather with hard high-heels kicking. It all quickly get very very messy for Bitrack…

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Kicking, Mercilessdominas, High Heels, Trampling, Trample, Jumping, Lady G, Corporal Punishment, Extreme Trampling, Hard, Brutal, Mistress Pandora, Dual Domination, Pandora, Mistress, Double Domination, Bitrack

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18 min

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