Miami Mean Girls – Princess Cindi – Admit Your Worthless

Miami Mean Girls - Princess Cindi - Admit Your Worthless

I love making slaves literally ADMIT out loud that they are worthless. Its like it re-conditions their brain to be as submissive n obedient as possible. Which totally keeps them in their place n breaks them down so they never forget how low they are compared to US.

This 1 in particular is TOTALLY pathetic. It is like “in love” with me even though I`m literally telling it to its FACE that it means NOTHING to me and I keep slapping it right across its face n mocking it. But it keeps professing it’s love for me – and says it will keep doing so no matter HOW badly I treat it. LOL!

It is SO awesome to be a hot girl. You can totally treat losers like this like complete shit and they just keep worshipping the ground u walk on and serving you hand and foot no matter WHAT you do to them. haha. I love being a PRINCESS…

Princess Cindi

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