Mistress Brianna – Student Advisor


Aaron is a first year college student struggling to make ends meet. He was on campus, walking to class and came across a flyer for students looking for a job. He called the number immediately and was able to schedule an appointment that day.

He arrived at the “Student Advisors” office later that afternoon. Mistress Brianna explained to him that there are many positions available on campus, but since his major is in information technology (IT) that she could put him to work right away. She had been having trouble with her computer and would like him to look at it. She had phone calls to make and had him crawl under her desk anyway to take a look.

Mistress Brianna finishes her phone call and looks down under her desk at the young college student. She suggests that he could give her a foot massages while he is down there. He didn’t know what to do, none of his other student advisors ever asked him to rub their feet. Of course, none of them are as hot as Brianna either. He had given his girlfriend foot massages in the past but never to a beautiful women he had just met. Still not sure if he should be doing it or not, he started giving Brianna a foot rub.

It wasn’t long in the foot massage that Brianna suggested that he kiss her feet. He is really getting nervous now, he really needs this work so he doesn’t want to say no to her. He starts kissing her bare feet. She then tells him to open his mouth and start sucking on her toes. He is starting to get excited and Brianna knows it. She moves her foot over to the crotch of his pants and lets him know that she can tell he is turned on.

She knows these college boys are all about release so she pulls his cock out and milks him with her sexy feet. While she his stroking his cock, she advises him that having a girlfriend in college is never a good idea. College relationships never last. He can’t resist her strong feet milking his cock, he cums all over her feet and between her toes. Now that his balls are empty, Brianna locks him down in chastity. He can’t believe what is happening. What will he tell his girlfriend? Brianna says, “Just tell her you got a job”.

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