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Mistress Cadence's Ashtray

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My friend Cadance (“Mistress Cadence” to YOU losers!) is laying out with Me by My pool having a smoke when She realizes I only smoke “electronic” cigs now (I gave up smoking except for the rare video here & there..) and therefore I don’t have any ashtrays for her to use! Not to worry… I simply call over one of My many slaves and turn it over to Her to use as a HUMAN ashtray! Mistress Cadence thinks it is SO cool and happily begins ashing into it’s open gaping, mouth…she fucking HATES guys…lol! We even have fun with it by ashing just below it’s nose and making it “snort” the hot ashes up its nose! LOL! Human ashtrays are SO much more fun & entertaining than real ones! LOL. And the best part is stubbing out your cigarette butt on it’s tongue like it’s NOTHING and depositing the butt into it’s MOUTH. I feel so powerful and so much like a true all-powerful GODDESS when I watch losers swallow My cigarette butts like they’re candy…makes Me almost want to take up smoking again! HAHAHA!!! I’m sure My house slaves would love that! 🙂 – Mistress GR

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