Mistress Dometria – Muscle Girls Mauling

Mistress Dometria - Muscle Girls Mauling

Dometria invites her friend the Muscle Mistress to help train her slave for strength n endurance. Dometria gags and stretches her slave on the pulley before moving behind the camera to watch the Muscle Mistress brutalise the boy’s cock n balls. The awesomely powerful Amazon goddess wastes no time and flogs his cock and loads up his balls with an agonizing forest of clothespins digging deep into his scrotum and cockshaft.

The Muscle Mistress puts a mass of clothespins on the slaves cock and balls and hammers them around with a leather flogger and steel crop. His bollocks are just a juddering target practice for pain as she beats them till the red stuff stains the wooden pegs. Mistress Muscle is learning fast how to be cruel to men and she just loves smashing up the guy’s genitals.

The Muscle Mistress is a champion body-builder n ruthless trainer. Dometria invites her to torture her slave into shape. Dominating the slave with her awesome physique, she puts surgical forceps on his belly and balls and hangs heavy chains from his scrotum and then drives him through an abs and legs workout – squats, lunges, star-jumps, sit-ups and leg raises – where every exercise twists and wrenches the genitals and puts the slave through screaming misery. No pain, no gain.

However hard we hit u, you must stay on the block! In this unbelievable ordeal the slave has to stand on a block for ten minutes, naked and without support, while Dometria and the Muscle Mistress go all out to batter him off it with their straps and floggers. The Muscle Mistress is a champion bodybuilder and one of the strongest women in the UK. She is big, powerful and terrifying, and she hammers the slave’s chest, back, belly and thighs with a fearsome double thickness leather strap.

Dometria and the Muscle Mistress continue to batter the slave as he struggles to stay on the block under their merciless onslaught. These`re blows that hit like a speeding train, impacts that make Dometria gasp as she watches. In turn, Dometria hammers him with strap n flogger, sometimes taking a good run up for extra power. It’s an armed beatdown! It’s carnage! The guy takes a pummelling from hell but amazingly stays on the block for the full 10 minutes before Mistress Muscle finally slams him into oblivion leaving him on the floor badly marked and glowing with welts and bruises.

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