Mistress Dometria – Spasm and Rip Ultra CBT

Mistress Dometria - Spasm and Rip Ultra CBT

I`ve a truly vicious imagination. How about pumping volts through a hard cock so that it spasms and dances and then ripping the balls to shreds with a zipper AT THE SAME TIME! Fuckin ace!! All I need is a tough boy who can stay hard under torture and who is too stubborn to wimp out when he is in total agony. And here he is, on a table in my dungeon. Electro-bands tight round his balls and base of his cock and metallic loops around the shaft and under the rim of the cock-helmet, all wired up to my trusty Erostek box. I use the Phase two setting and get a harsh pulse throbbing through the cock. Then I make the cock dance! It spasms with every pulse as I speed it up or slow it down. Total cock control. The cock pulses under remote control at my every command. At the same time, I fasten a tight clothespin zipper on his bollocks till they`re clamped tight in agony. When I trample this taut and throbbing package with my heels or slap the pegs about with a crop it sends the electrics jagging through him like crazy. So I sit on his face and clamp my asshole over his nose to give him strength n muffle his screams. Then I rip the pegs off his sac with my zipper. They`re very tight and I`ve to keep jerking real hard to dislodge them. This is gloriously cruel! Inflicting awful pain and listening to the screams coming up from under my ass. That’s hot. This just makes me want to hurt this boy even more.

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