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Mistress Ezada Choking Her Slave With Sigarette Smoke

Mistress Ezada

“My slave hates cigarette smoke. He only tried smoking once, when he was very young, but he felt sick, so he never tried again. Knowing that, I took the opportunity to test his obedience by making him accept what I know he hates: cigarette smoke. I have him light My cigarette: he understands what’s coming and is very nervous, his hands are shaking. I test his capacity to think and it seems his brain is still working. Then I blow the smoke in his face and mouth, making him cough stronger and stronger, his eyes are full of tears and his nose starts running. I can see he is very uncomfortable and sick, he is barely able to keep his tongue out for Me to flick the ash on. When I put the cigarettes out on his tongue he almost loses control and starts coughing like he’s going to throw up: this disgusts Me so much that I just leave him there. This isn’t fun any more, so I’m outta here.”

Mistress Ezada

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