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Mistress Ezada Sinn - Human ashtray in training - Smoking

Mistress Ezada Sinn - Human ashtray in training - Smoking

It was a usual afternoon, I was browsing the web with My newest slave at My feet, kissing and worshiping them. I was pleased by his attitude, he was proving to be a slave worthy of My attention.

I am in the mood for a cigarette, and My slave will have to be My human ashtray. I know he has no experience as a human astray, so I will train him. First of all he has to learn to breathe My smoke without coughing. Everything coming out of My mouth should be like sacred for him. Then he has to learn to keep his tongue out in such a way that I can flick My ash on it. This proves a little difficult, but nothing a little training and some corrections (like face slapping and nipple torture) could not solve. He will learn to control his tongue so that it can be useful for a Lady, I will make sure of it. A human ashtray should also be a good spittoon, these thing go hand in hand, but this is definitely not a challenge to My slave. On the contrary, it’s something he adores and craves for since I explained him that this is how a Domina kisses Her slaves. And now the last step in his human ashtray training is putting off the cigarette on his tongue and disposing of it, like in his stomach. The first part did not pose a real problem, as I am gentle with him, since it’s his first experience, but chewing on the cigarette seems to be turning his stomach inside out. It looks like he is going to throw up on Me, which I immediately forbid him, in case he doesn’t realize that would not be accepted in any way. He has to calm down, concentrate on his duty and get rid of all thoughts that have no connection to his current duty. Then, and only then, will he become a good human ashtray for Me.

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