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Mistress Ezada Sinn - Mercifull Goddess - Whipping

Mistress Ezada Sinn - Mercifull Goddess - Whipping

I like causing My slaves pain, seeing them suffer more than they ever thought they could, just for Me. It’s not as much abut Me causing the pain, as it is about them accepting it for Me.

Today I am enjoying another male taking the pain for Me. His hands are cuffed to the cage, above his head, so he can’t move too much, definitely not enough to avoid My whip. My whip that bites into his ass and back, leaving nice red marks, and making him growl in pain. But that seems just not enough today, so I grab one of My favorite canes: the red plastic one. It hurts like hell, as My slave is about to see. Especially when I swing it with fervor, overwhelmed by the feeling of sadistic pleasure when seeing the slave jump around, trying to find a way to escape. He understands there’s no escape, but the pain rendered him mindless, like an is instincts taking over and trying to find him a way to survive. The pain is so intense, that the slave breaks down and begs mercy, his pride forgotten under the pressure of the survival instinct. And mercy he gets. I can be a merciful Mistress. I don’t need to be cruel. Sometimes I like to be cruel, sometimes I am merciful and compassionate. I unshackle the slave, and he falls down to My feet, kissing My boots. I like men at My feet, kissing My boots, that always works for Me. I have the slave worship My boots, kiss them all over. Then I order him to take off My boots and lick the leather flavored sweat off My feet and toes, clean My feet with his tongue. A way for him to atone for his inability to take all the pain I wanted to inflict on him today. It’s ok, that pain will wait for him next time…

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