Mistress Ezada Sinn – Mind control through orgasm control

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Mind control through orgasm control

Once, this was just a man with submissive tendencies. Tendencies that he came to Me to explore, out of curiosity. And he made the mistake of giving Me control over his orgasms, not knowing that this meant he gave Me control over his mind. His cock is always locked, and the key is in My possession. Now he is exactly like a mindless robot, ready 2 execute My every order, just to be allowed 2 come 2 Me at the end of the week 4 a ruined orgasm, that he became addicted to. He would like, of course, to feel more, a real orgasm, and he’s always trying to deceive Me when he’s close to cum, hoping I will not stop in time. But I always do, as I know him better than he does. After all, it’s just a cock. As time goes by, his addiction to Me is becoming stronger n stronger, as does My power over him, so now I`m able to ruin not only one of his orgasms, and not two, but all three in a row.

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