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Mistress Ezada Sinn - Silver stiletto nails scratching - Female Domination

Mistress Ezada Sinn - Silver stiletto nails scratching - Female Domination

My slave has quite contradictory feelings regarding My long sharp silver stiletto nails: on one hand they arouse him, on the other they frighten him. He craves their touch, but also fears it, as they can be smooth and pleasant, or sharp and painful. And of course, most of the times what he feel is pain, as causing pain is much more enjoyable then causing pleasure. Pain is what he is going to get today. Mixed with maybe a little bit of caressing, so that he doesn’t forget what the pleasure feels like and longs for it. First I want to see how My nails would mark his skin, so I make a letter “E” on his side. The marks on this slave’s white skin are deep and red, I like them. So I will cover his hole front side of the body in them, paying special attention to his prick and balls. He should never forget they belong to Me, and the marks I’ll leave today will be a good reminder, at least for a while. I know he would prefer to feel another kind of touch on that sensitive skin, but why would I care? And there’s not much he can do, strapped to the bondage table as he is. His future is literally in My hands, and I’ll play with it as I please. He can only hope there’s enough left when I finish for him to have a future.

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