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Mistress Ezada Sinn - Sweaty armpits licker - Female Domination

Mistress Ezada Sinn - Sweaty armpits licker - Female Domination

It was a hot summer day, and I was very sweaty in My leather outfit. One of My slaves is locked in the cage, with his hands tied above his head. What better use for him than to lick My sweaty armpits clean? But first I have some fun by standing a little bit too far for him to reach, looking at him trying and failing to touch Me no matter how much he extends his tongue. His stupid face is just so funny in this moments! I come close enough for him to reach Me, and he starts to lick My armpits greedily, like it’s the only thing he wants in this whole world. Even the taste of My deodorant, which I am sure is not that pleasant, can’t stop him from enjoying My sweat. This proximity to My body makes him very aroused, so aroused that he would hump anything at this moment. It’s enough to catch his prick between My leg and the bars of the cage, that he starts rubbing himself against them.

But not only My armpits are sweaty, in fact My whole skin is already shining because of all the sweat, especially My cleavage, so I tease him with the chance to lick it too. I can see him already imagining this, licking the air in an attempt to reach My big breasts, but who does he think he is? Of course he can’t touch My breasts, and especially not with his tongue. All he gets is a cruel verbal humiliation, explaining him what he and his tongue are for.

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