Mistress Ezada Sinn – The price of a slave’s hobby

Mistress Ezada Sinn – The price of a slave’s hobby

A slave should always focus on serving his Mistress, this is his most important purpose in life, his top priority. Any hobbies are allowed only as long as they don’t interfere with serving the Mistress. Something My slave here seems to have not understood, as he asked earlier to be allowed to watch a stupid car race. These men with their boring primitive interests!

I`m an understanding Mistress, so I let him watch the race, well, the beginning of it, just a couple of min. But, of course, as I told him, that comes with a price, and now it’s time to pay it. I was going to whip him tonight anyway, he needs to be trained to take pain for My pleasure, but now I will enjoy it even more. I don’t know if his favorite team won or lost, he doesn’t either, but My whip will make him suffer much worse than any stupid sports loss. I will start with his chest, then I will whip his back in the same spot until he can’t take it any more, I will make him curl on the floor in pain, crying, regretting he ever asked for that favor. I will whip him, and whip him, and whip him, until this pain remains forever in his memory, coming to him every time he watches a race. I whip him until I see he got to the limit of pain he can take, and then I push him more, overcoming his limit for Me, giving him more pain than he has ever had. This is the only way he can please Me tonight.

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