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Mistress Gaia - Louboutin Recruit (1080 HD) - Shoe Worship

Mistress Gaia - Louboutin Recruit (1080 HD) - Shoe Worship

CUSTOM REQUEST – In my company it is time to hire new staff and it is up to me to decide who will work there. In fact I am the head of staff and I have full powers in deciding who to hire. After hearing so many good and prepared young graduates, I am still very undecided on who to choose. I hope that at the last interview of the day the best of all will appear, so I can discard all the others already listened to and go home after a very heavy day of work. Not even after having time to think about it, and my hopes fade. I find myself in front of a fat man, badly dressed who arrives even late. We are already off to a bad start, and his curriculum vitae is a real disaster: He graduated with the lowest marks and took twice the time needed. In spite of the useless excuses he begins to invent to justify his incompetence, I immediately tell him that for people like him there is no place in my company. However, instead of leaving he starts to whine and beg me for a job. He goes on to say I am willing to do anything to have a job. Well… music for my ears! I immediately warn him that for an incompetent like him, there will never be a place in our offices. Although, I will hire him as my personal assistant ready to fulfill my every need and desire. Of course, with a minimum salary. He accepts immediately, and when I order him to kneel to lick the soles of my very expensive Louboutin shoes he starts to whimper. I make him understand immediately that his duties will be the most humble and degrading, otherwise he can leave my company! In the meantime I light a cigarette so I will also try him as a human ashtray. To begin with, I suppose I can’t complain too much. You can’t expect the best from a nullity like that right away. However, with the right training he could become a worthwhile slave. I will test him again in a few days…

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