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Mistress Gaia - Mouth Fuck (1080 HD) - Foot Gagging

Mistress Gaia - Mouth Fuck (1080 HD) - Foot Gagging


Today I’m with my beautiful mistress friend, and we have just removed my slave from his cage. He is in his back on the settee, and we are going to enjoy some pleasure making our bitch suffer. We begin with some shoe training on our slut, as we get him to lick our shoes. I need him to clean my sharp stiletto heels, and I stick them into his mouth and tell him to get sucking. Then it’s time for us to really get started on our bitch, and we both remove our shoes. We take turns at shoving our beautiful fee to the back of his throat. He can’t breath, and I so enjoy hearing that gargled sound as our slut chokes and gasps for air. We also give his chest a good foot slapping, while one of us continues with his deep throat foot treatment. With our bitch exhausted, we place our shoes in his mouth and order him to suck on our heels. We had a great time, and so enjoyed making our bitch suffer and choke from his foot gagging mouth fuck…

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