Mistress Iside – Infernal Kicks – Mistress Scila – Ballbusting

Mistress Iside – Infernal Kicks - Ballbusting

Everything is ready, the fate of this slave has been discussed and finally decided: his balls will have to deeply suffer, up to the point of a complete castration; this is what deserves a perverted loser, whose only purpose in his life is to jerk-off whenever it’s possible and satisfy his sexual impulse. Mistress Scila and I have understood that this is the only way to redeem such a perverted loser and put him back in the civilized society. We will achieve all this, kicking his balls with all our strength, because we think that, the more severe is the treatment, the more durable are the results and he will be turned into a submissive slave that we can then train according to our needs. At the end, only one thing is really important for a Mistress: bending to her will as many men as possible!!!

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