Mistress Iside – Scissor Powerfull

Mistress Iside - Scissor Powerfull


It late and I am hungry, I decided then to order a pizza but I did not want to go out so I order a deliveryman for home delivery. Like every night I`ve closed my personal slaves in their cages and now I wait totally relaxed my pizza. Someone rings the door is the pizza delivery. The deliveryman is A handsome young guy with black hair, green eyes, but that he entering in my Dungeon, he is very scared from the expression on his face I can easily understand that he has never seen anything like it, he says he has to go away in a hurry, he just wants the money of the pizza, but not me, I`ve no hurry, and suddenly I not longer hungry, now I have only one thing on my mind, something different for him. Meanwhile, I take the money to pay the pizza but at this point something happens, perhaps a mere coincidence, my money they fall on the floor, they slip me from hands n they fall on the carpet. The boy as a gentleman stoops to collect money. This is my chance, the moment on which I can enjoy of him, I`ve his neck between my legs strong, now I can choke him more and more, he is in my power, stuck with his head between my long and powerful legs. No one can help him, now finally is my toy,he tries in vain to break free but no one can run away from my powerful quadriceps, I squeeze his neck more n more while sometimes him faints, now he is very exhausted, but this is just the beginning of a long torture, This is the my enjoyment of now, here and presently.

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