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Mistress Janira Wolfe - Establishing The Domme-Slave Dynamic (1080 MP4)

Mistress Janira Wolfe - Establishing The Domme-Slave Dynamic (1080 MP4)

I have another little beta loser wanting to be My slave. I have learned that the absolutely best way to start training a new slave is to make them understand their place below Me right away. To establish that dynamic, I remain fully clothed with My BBC strap-on, while My slave is naked on his hands and knees with his tiny useless appendage locked into chastity. I command My slave to begin sucking My cock, showing Me his complete obedience and submission to Me. I force him to gag on My BBC as I remind him that it’s in his best interest to coat it with as much as his saliva as possible, as it will serve as the only lubrication as My cock enters his raw asshole. Of course My slave’s movement must be compromised before I get to fucking, so I secure him in this lovely new device that restrains his arms behind his back by connecting to his collar before instructing him to lie face down ass up. Once I have My slave on his belly I mount him, insert My BBC, and fuck his little slave asshole until I cum from a combination of My harness rubbing against My clit as I thrust in and out of My slave’s man pussy and the obvious established understanding of the Domme-slave dynamic.

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