Mistress Leena – Chores before release


Mistress Leena is enjoying a Sunday afternoon on the patio with her slave kneeling by her side. She has kept him locked in chastity for a month and he is begging to be released. He has been reasonably good this month but she’s not going to give into his pathetic whimpering that easily. She will allow him out of chastity, if he licks her sweaty, dirty feet first.

She props her feet on the table and orders him to smell her sweaty heels before removing them. He licks diligently because he knows that if he doesn’t do a good job, he will remain in chastity and his monthly release will be skipped.

After several minutes of licking her beautifully dirty feet she has decided he has earned the privilege to be released. She leads him to the bedroom where she removes the chastity device. She knows how horny he gets from her feet and doesn’t expect this to take very long. However, she will still require him to beg to cum and ask permission prior to allowing him. If he cums without asking permission, he will be forced to eat it.


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