Mistress Nikita – Obeynikita: Beg For A Lick Bitch – MP4

Mistress Nikita - Obeynikita: Beg For A Lick Bitch - MP4

Tied down, exposed, wet boot mop wagging out of its head – just where any good boot slut belongs to start suffering for my boot heels! I leash “my” balls tightly just to make sure it knows that it is totally owned n subject to whatever my boots want to do to it. Maybe they want their soles licked clean, or perhaps they want 2 crush this little slut like a roach, or both or more! It literally lives to be beneath my fetish boots, and these boots are its holy grail! Just when it thought it might have some speck of freewill left in its brain, it met this pair of otherworldly platform black patent leather lace up knee high boots. Now it’s nothing more than my boot whore that has no other reason to exist except to beg for a lick of my boots! Keep begging, slut!

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16 min

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