Mistress Nikita – Obeynikita: Taking More Pain – MP4

Mistress Nikita - Obeynikita: Taking More Pain - MP4

Sometimes I swear that I spoil my sluts far too much. I mean this one just got to lick my soles clean after I went out to dinner n a show. The theater floor was filthy! Tonight it can learn to take more pain to please me. As you may know, I do thoroughly adore turning pansy boy hurt hating wimps into all out pain sluts. Each time it gets more cane strokes and the strokes get harder. Each time its skin get redder and the welts last longer. Each time it learns to crave my painful attentions like the air it needs to live. That, and I enjoy any opportunity to cover my entire body in slippery shiny black latex n strap into my custom fetish high heeled boots. Life is good…

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mistress Nikita, Obey Nikita, Mistress, Latex, Rubber, Caning, Bondage

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15 min

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